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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Selecting the right radio test set can save you 77%

Selecting the right Radio Test Set can save you 77%


• The time difference in automated test modes
• The accuracy of test sets
• Automated tests supported for each family of radios
• Coverage of required tests, alignments and documentation
• Automated test suites approved by radio OEMs
• Utilization analysis - the real cost!

Whether you are investing in a new radio test set or service monitor to handle today’s new digital radio technologies or looking to boost productivity with automated test features, not all test sets are created equal. When investing in a system to test P25, P25 Phase 2, DMR, NXDN or dPMR radios, understanding the capabilities of the system that you are investing in is critical to maximizing the return on your sizeable investment. When evaluating the capabilities of automated digital capable test systems, there are a few questions you need to ask first....

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