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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Keithley 6430


The Model 6430 Sub-Femtoamp Remote SourceMeter SMU Instrument combines the voltage and current sourcing and measurement functions of Keithley’s popular SourceMeter SMU instruments with sensitivity, noise, and input resistance specifications superior to electrometers. This unique combination of broad functionality and exceptional measurement integrity is made possible by the Model 6430’s Remote PreAmp, which offers a very sensitive bi-directional amplifier with sensitive feedback elements for measuring or sourcing currents at the device being tested. The high level signals output by the Remote PreAmp are sent to the controlling mainframe via a two-meter cable. This allows the user to make a direct or very short connection to the signal, minimizing the effects of cable noise.

The Model 6430 makes voltage, current, and resistance measurements at speeds no electrometer can match. It can read up to 2000 source/ measure readings per second into internal memory. Currents can be measured in as little as 5ms on the 100nA range, decreasing to just a few hundred microseconds on the higher ranges.

The Model 6430’s distinguishing features include its excellent low current sensitivity and the Remote PreAmp, which makes this sensitivity useful by eliminating long input cables. The Remote PreAmp is an integral part of the Model 6430’s feedback measuring system that cannot be operated independently from the measurement mainframe, although it can be separated from the mainframe by up to two meters of connection cable carrying high level signals.

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