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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Spirent Communications SIM3D

Realistic Multipath and Obscuration Simulation

Simulating the impact of the local environment on GNSS systems

Multipath and signal obscuration can cause significant error in GNSS receivers. Multipath errors can vary from a few metres to hundreds of metres, depending on satellite geometry and environmental conditions. Accounting for these occurrences is vital in most positioning, navigation, and timing solutions.

Sim3D is an innovative 3D modelling system that creates a realistic environment for the testing of multipath and obscuration effects. Simulated GNSS signals interact with fully customisable models and environments, giving a level of detail, control, and realism not available in other solutions.

Key Features

  • Realistic multipath and obscuration simulation

  • Ability to simulate real life applications

  • Better level of control and analysis with multipath simulation

  • Fully verified with real-life data

  • Full level of customisation

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