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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Rohde & Schwarz FSC6.06

Spectrum analyzer 9kHz to 6GHz


The R&S®FSC features very good RF performance. Its DANL, TOI and phase noise make it ideal for many standard measurement applications.

General-purpose spectrum analysis presets for spectral characteristics, e.g. harmonics, AM modulation depth, ACLR, etc. are included as standard

Compact form factor

R&S®FSC has the smallest footprint in its class at only 3 HU, ½ 19”. It takes up very little space on a bench. Two R&S®FSC analyzers or one R&S®FSC and an R&S®SMC signal generator fit in just 3 HU of rack space


Total cost of ownership is excellent due to affordable initial and calibration costs, plus very low operating cost with only 12 W power consumption


Frequency range:

9 kHz to 3/6 GHz

Max. input power:

up to +30 dBm

Low noise floor:

down to –165 dBm (typ., with preamplifier)

Phase noise:

< –100 dBc/Hz(f=500 MHz, @100 kHz offset, normalized to 1 Hz RBW)



Measurement options:

tracking generator, preamplifier

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