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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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DVTEST RF Detective

The RF Detective combines the latest real-time spectrum analysis technology with a flexible, high-performance multi-channel platform to provide the most comprehensive remote monitoring solution. The RF Detective provides 24/7 accessibility for up to 72 channels of spectrum analysis.

RF Performance

  • Real-time 9kHz to 6.2GHz spectrum analysis coverage

  • +20 dBm to -154 dBm measurement range

  • 100% probability of intercept of >100 μsec signals in up to 40 MHz span

  • 27 spectrum and signal analysis measurements standard


  • Each Chassis has 3 RF module slots

  • Up to 24 channels supported per chassis (using 3x8 Channel RF Modules)

  • Remote Switch Module provides additional RF control over distributed RF systems

  • Up to 3 Chassis can be supported using a Master Slave configuration


  • System – available in various configurations

  • Master Unit Chassis – Includes spectrum analyzer, controller PC, and 3 RF Module Slots

  • Slave Unit Chassis – 3 RF Module Slots

  • Basic Chassis – Includes controller PC and 3 RF Module slots, use your own Spectrum Analyzer

  • New Modules cover different channel counts and applications

Easy Access

  • Control the RF Detective using Ethernet or USB

  • HDMI output for on-site or desktop analysis

  • 5x USB 3.0 ports for adding additional peripherals (mouse, keyboard, power sensor, slave unit)

  • Remotely access hardware from any browser

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Number of Module Bays 3 Frequency Range 9kHz-6.2GHz
Maximum Number of Slave Chassis 2 IF Bandwidth 40MHz
External RF Reference Input 1x SMA Female Dynamic Range +20 dBm to 154 dBm
External RF Trigger 1x SMA Female Input Impedance 50 Ohms
External Peripheral Ports 5x A type USB 3.0, 1 Front, 4 Rear VSWR < 1.8
RF Auxiliary Input Ports 2x SMA Female ADC Sample Rate and Bit Rate 112Ms/s, 14 Bits
RF Input/ Bypass Ports 2x N Type Male Probability of Intercept 100% POI of 100 ë_sec signals in up to 40 MHz span
Remote Control 1x Gigabit Ethernet , 1x USB host (on slave) Channel Amplitude Flatness å±1.0 dB, 18 to 28
Video Display Output HDMI Residual Spurious Response < -85 dBm (Reference level -50 dBm,RF input terminated with 50)
Power Supply 90Hz, -48VDC 3RD Order Intercept
Additional DIO 15 pin Phoenix connector Center Frequency 2130 MHz +10 dBm at reference level -15 dBm, 18 to 28
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