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RF & Thermal Test Enclosures

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  1. dbMAX



    Bringing power and data into and out of small RF enclosures becomes impossible using methods used for sub-X band applications and high numbers of i Learn More


  2. dbSAFE mm

    DVTEST dbSAFE-mm


    Millimeter wave testing requires enclosures designed for millimeter wave testing. When device speed and sensitivity increases, challenges in making Learn More


  3. dbSAFEx



    The dbSAFEx Series advanced RF test enclosures are versatile for any wireless testing. Designed to operate between 300 MHz to 13 GHz, testing of wi Learn More


  4. dbGUARD



    The dbGuard provides up to 100dB isolation from DC to 18GHz. The IASG (Inverted Assymetric Squarewave Gasket) design eliminates any leakage along t Learn More


  5. dbCHECK



    The dbCHECK is an ideal solution for repeatable wireless device testing. Boasting a dual RF gasket design, high quality broadband RF absorber, and Learn More


  6. dbSAFE5G



    The dbSafe5G solves these challenges by providing an environment made for mmWave applications. MIMO testing in array configurations are also made p Learn More


  7. FixTremeTE

    DVTEST FixtremeTE


    The Testforce FixTremeTE is a cost effective standalone alternative to mechanical or forced air cryogenic cooling. When paired with a Testforce dbG Learn More


  8. dbSAFE



    RF enclosures are now a necessity for testing wireless devices. The dbSAFE offers unmatched isolation in its class; up to 100dB* from 30 Learn More


  9. USB 3.1

    DVTEST USB 3.1

    Super speed “USB 3.1 type C module” for RF test enclosures eliminate conducted and radiated interference while keeping data and power signals for Learn More


  10. USB 3.0

    DVTEST USB 3.0

    Super speed “USB 3.0 module” for RF enclosures eliminates conducted and radiated interference while keeping data and power signals for USB 3.0 lin Learn More


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