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Passive Probes

  1. TPP0850

    Tektronix TPP0850

    High Voltage Probe: 800 MHz, 50X, 2.5 kV, Single-ended, TekVPI Learn More


  2. TPP0502

    Tektronix TPP0502

    Passive Probe: 500 MHz, 2X, TekVPI Learn More


  3. P5150

    Tektronix P5150

    High Voltage PROBE; 50X, 500 MHZ, 2.5 kV Learn More


  4. P5122

    Tektronix P5122

    High Voltage Probe: 200 MHz, 100X, 1 kVRMS CAT II, Single-ended, BNC Learn More


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