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  1. 2450

    Keithley 2450

    Interactive Digital SourceMeter Source Measure Unit Learn More


  2. DPO2024B

    Tektronix DPO2024B

    Oscilloscope; Digital Phosphor, 200 MHz, 1 GS/s, 1M record length, 4-ch, Color Display, 5-year Warranty and Certificate of Traceable Calibration Stand Learn More


  3. TCP0150

    Tektronix TCP0150

    Current Probe: 20 MHz, 5 mA to 212 A, AC/DC, TekVPI Learn More


  4. wfm8300

    Tektronix WFM830UP PROD

    Add Advanced Gamut Monitoring Package ( Spearhead Display and Luma Qualified Vector Display) Learn More


  5. wfm8300

    Tektronix WFM830UP PHY

    Add Physical Layer Measurement Package (incl. automated measurement of 3G/HD/SD Eye pattern parameters, jitter, and cable parameters; jitter waveform Learn More


  6. wfm8300

    Tektronix WFM830UP DPE

    Add Option AD Capabilities (Analog and Digital Audio - Embedded or External AES) Plus support for Decoding and Monitoring Dolby E, Dolby Digital Plus, Learn More


  7. wfm8300

    Tektronix WFM830UP DDP

    Add support for Decoding and Monitoring Dolby Digital Plus Audio (software option key) Option DDE required to be installed in the WFM8300 in order to Learn More


  8. wfm8300

    Tektronix WFM830UP CPS

    Add support for Composite Analog Video Monitoring; 2 Composite Analog Inputs; Passive Loopthrough Learn More


  9. wfm8300

    Tektronix WFM830UP AD

    Add Analog Audio Monitoring ( 2 sets of 6 channel Analog Audio Inputs and 8 channels Analog Audio Outputs) Plus 16 channels Embedded or AES/EBU Digita Learn More


  10. wfm8300

    Tektronix WFM830UP 4K

    Add support for 4K formats (Must have option 3G and 2 SDI input modules installed in the base unit) Learn More


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