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Troubleshooting Multiple-Bus Systems using FlexChannel® Input Channels

2017-08-29  |  White Papers
Troubleshooting Multiple Bus Systems using FlexChannel

Troubleshooting Multiple Bus Systems using FlexChannel

Most embedded systems, even relatively simple ones, incorporate multiple bus structures. Being able to observe these systems requires debug and verification tools capable of displaying the activity of multiple buses, as well as sensor, actuator, display ,and interface signals. Not only are you challenged with looking at multiple buses, but each bus may require a different approach to signaling, and therefore probing. Some can be observed using single-ended measurements, while others require differential measurements. In order to look at multiple buses, you may be able to take advantage of digital logic channels to greatly expand your channel count. This application note discusses the challenges embedded system designers face in evaluating multi-bus systems, and how to overcome them especially using FlexChannel input channels.

New FlexChannel input channels help to address the need to measure many different signals by enabling the use of the widest range of probes. Each FlexChannel can measure:

  • • 1 single-ended analog signal with a passive probe
  • • 8 digital logic signals with a TLP058 logic probe to access
          8 digital channels.
  • • 1 differential voltage with a TekVPI® differential voltage probe
  • • 1 optically-isolated differential voltage with the IsoVu™
          Isolated Measurement System
  • • 1 current with a TekVPI® current probe

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