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Learn about 11 Power Consumption Measurement Techniques from Tektronix

Maximize the Battery Life of Your Internet of Things Device

White Paper – Troubleshooting Multiple-Bus Systems using FlexChannel® Input Channels

Learn how to leverage the flexibility of a mixed signal oscilloscope equipped with FlexChannels® to debug and verify systems with a wide variety of parallel and serial bus configurations. 

White Paper – Characterizing and Troubleshooting Jitter with Your Oscilloscope

Read this white paper to learn several examples of jitter measurements using the standard and optional measurement capabilities

White Paper – Pulse Testing High Brightness LEDs Accurately using a SourceMeter SMU Instrument

Accurate and cost-effective testing is critical to ensuring the reliability and quality of these devices

White Paper – Top 5 Digital Multimeter User Questions

Top 5 Digital Multimeter User Questions

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