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Fluke Industrial On-Demand Webinars

2018-05-02  |  Webinars


Fluke On Demand Webinars


Watch the Latest Fluke Webinars on Important Electrical Measurement Safety Topics.

The webinars listed below are less than 60 minutes in duration and presented to you by a Fluke subject matter expert, designed to give you an overview of some of the most important issues you face today.

Join us for these FREE in-depth online training courses!

A Brief History of Metrology and Advancements in the Science of Measurement

Metrology is arguably the oldest scientific pursuit of humanity. This free webinar covers a brief overview of metrology from the ancient peoples, through the middle ages, and to modern times, including how it is part of the U.S. Constitution. The technical focus is on DC voltage reference standards, beginning with the first “electric piles” developed by Alessandro Volta, to present day quantum-based reference standards. We’ll also share great historical information on how Fluke has been a key part of this development.

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How to Create a Temperature Measurement Uncertainty Budget

Uncertainty Budgets are essential to the credibility of a calibration process. Join this free Fluke Calibration Web Seminar to learn how to use calibration certificates, manufacturer’s specifications, process data and other items to create a robust picture of the uncertainties that are involved in temperature calibrations. 

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Introduction to Thermography


Explore the basics of thermography, what thermal imaging is and where it can be used within electrical, mechanical, and more. 

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Avoiding Hidden Hazards & Understanding Safety Standards

A webinar that anyone exposed to voltage measurements needs to attend. Provides an awareness of electrical measurement hazards.


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For a full list of the Fluke Calibration Webinars, please visit the Fluke Web Seminars website.

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