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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Anritsu: Connecting the IoT World

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Connecting the IoT World

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Recently, IoT services are spreading into many fields, such as industry and agriculture, as a result of the improved productivity from use of AI speakers, smart watches, smart meters, security cameras, various types of sensor, etc., and there is no doubt that the convenience of IoT will become an essential part of our future lives.

Moreover, with the appearance of the next-generation 5G communications featuring high-speed and large capacity, low latency, and multi-connectivity, we can expect 5G-based IoT services and applications to spread into many fields, such as automotive, remote monitoring of heavy machinery, ultra-high-definition video streaming, tele-presence at sports events, etc.

Anritsu supports its customers with solutions for the IoT market with:
• Leading-edge measurement technologies leveraging the power of mobile and wireless communications
• A wide and complete product line covering wireless to wired connectivity
• Wireless to wired measurement technologies for next-generation 5G markets

With the 5G rollout

Anritsu is leveraging its cutting-edge 5G test and measurement (T&M) technologies as a world-leading company offering tailored flexible measurement solutions targeting IoT market growth.

Anritsu focuses both on providing solutions for the IoT world and for various wireless communications technologies, as well as on solutions for the future.

Click here for Anritsu’s efforts in 5G

Click here for Anritsu's 5G measurement solutions

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