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Rohde & Schwarz: This Changed Everything - Save Up to 49% - Offer Ends June 30, 2020

2020-01-01  |  News
Buy Now and Save Up To $18,000 USD on Full-Solution Instruments


Save up to 49% off Your Bench Instrument Now!

Take advantage of this industry first, now through June 30, 2019.

For a limited time, you can get 49% off your full-solution Rohde & Schwarz instrument. There is simply no better time to equip yourself with the instruments you need to succeed, with savings as high as $18,000 USD per fully-loaded instrument.

Enjoy savings such as up to $10,675 USD on your RTA4000 Oscilloscope, $4,380 on your RTH1000 Scope Rider, $2,485 USD on your RTB2000 Oscilloscope, and many more.

Complete Solutions. Revolutionary Pricing.

Click to download the promotional flyer or get your quote!


Testforce Approved Invest in Rohde & Schwarz

Benefit from Rohde & Schwarz’ quality and German engineering while getting all the bandwidth, channels, memory, spectrum measurements and signal generation you may ever need....at an unrivalled package price. For a limited time Rohde & Schwarz is offering a selection of entry-level instruments, fully equipped with all options at an unrivalled package price.

Testforce Approved All the Upgrades Up Front

Gone are the days of key-code upgrades or waiting on your new option, as your design needs change. Now, get solution packages with fully loaded instruments from the start for long-term viability.

Testforce Approved Low Pricing

No more adding as you go or being at the mercy of a manufacturer’s “future pricing”. Save more than $18,000 of list prices on complete solutions.

Testforce Approved Build Your Bench

Maximize your bench’s performance for every day applications like EMI debug, power integrity, battery testing, channel power and low speed serial with the following instruments:


► Performance: Bandwidths up to 2 GHz
► Channels: Up to 4 analog/16 digital (MSO)
► Up to 10.1” WXGA Touchscreen Display
► Sample Rate: Up to 5 Gsample/s
► Memory: Up to 1 Gsample segmented memory
► Up to 10-bit ADC


► Frequency Range: 3 GHz
► DANL: < -165 dBm typ.
► Phase Noise: < - 103 dBc/Hz, carrier offset 100 kHz
► Screen Size: 10.1” WXGA


► Frequency range: 9 kHz to 3.2 kHz
► Maximum output level of typ. > +17 dBm
► Optional high-stability reference oscillator
► Analog modulation modes (AM/FM/φM/pulse) integrated as standard


► Analog bandwidth: DC to 100 kHz
► Sampling rate: 500 ksample/s
► Power measurement range: 50uW to 12 kW


► Channel count: Up to 4
► Electrically Equivalent Channels
► Max Voltage: 4x32 V/channel
► Max Current: 10 A/channel
► Max Power: 384 W

See all instruments in Promotion

RTB2000 Oscilloscope

Savings up to $2,795

RTM3000 Oscilloscope

Savings up to $9,415

RTA4000 Oscilloscope

Savings up to $10,675

RTH1000 Scope Rider

Savings up to $4,380

RTC1000 Oscilloscope

Savings up to $1,435

FPC1500 Spectrum Analyzer

Savings up to $3,475

FPC1000 Spectrum Analyzer

Savings up to $3,475

NGE103B Power Supply

Savings up to $405

NGL202 Power Supply

Savings up to $480

HMP4040 Power Supply

Savings up to $135

RTE1000 Oscilloscope

Savings up to $18,880

SMC100A Signal Generator

Savings up to $920

FPH Spectrum Rider

Savings up to $6,925

NGM202 Power Supply

Savings up to $950

ZPH Cable and Antenna Analyzer

Savings up to $8,085

Promotion Conditions
This offer is good for qualifying orders placed May 20, 2019 - June 30, 2020. This offer is combinable with the EDU discount. Rohde & Schwarz reserves the right to cancel this program at any time by posting changes on rohde-schwarz.com. Offer valid worldwide. Contact a Rohde & Schwarz representative for complete details. All other promotions and discounts cannot be combined. Full list of terms and conditions can be viewed at askanengineer.us/change-everything.

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