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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Anritsu MX280007A Mobile Interference Hunter

Anritsu Mobile Interference Hunting System — Quick. Reliable. Multi-Emitter.

4G network operators have a strong interest in interference reduction driven by their customer’s adoption of an on-line lifestyle. The increasing demand for connectivity anytime and anywhere leads directly to the need to rapidly increase capacity and throughput.

Anritsu’s Mobile InterferenceHunter MX280007A, part of Anritsu’s monitoring and interference hunting family of products, can quickly and reliably locate interfering signals from a moving vehicle, even when there are multiple sources (think of a leaking CATV system) or when there are legitimate uplink signals present. It shines in difficult RF situations. Shadowing, multi-path, and reflections all can be sorted out. Pulsed or bursty signals can also be quickly found.

    Key capabilities include:

  • Five minute setup in most vehicles, no need for a dedicated truck or van

  • Multi-emitter signal location for cases, such as CATV egress, where there are many signal sources.

  • Power-of-Arrival technique combined with averaging sorts out RF multi-path, frequency drift, shadowing, and reflections, allowing users to find the true signal source despite issues that confuse conventional direction finding techniques.

  • Area Scan™ techniques make signal location quicker and more accurate.

  • Post-capture analysis allows replaying of the drive, with different decision thresholds. This allows expert analysis, or even iterative analysis, of the drive data at a later time.

  • Simplified spectrum clearing, even with the uplink in service.

  • Can reliably locate many pulsed or bursty signals, even ones as short as 200 µS.

  • Uses a small magnet mount omnidirectional antenna for inconspicuous operation.

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