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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Anritsu MS2850A

The Signal Analyzer MS2850A is a spectrum analyzer/signal analyzer with a maximum analysis bandwidth of 1 GHz and a frequency range of 9 kHz to either 32 GHz or 44.5 GHz. It has an analysis bandwidth supporting wideband communications measurements, such as 5G mobile communications and broadcast satellite equipment, providing all-in-one coverage from the sub-6 GHz to millimeter-wave 28 GHz/39 GHz bands. With excellent cost- performance, this benchtop signal analyzer helps cut development and production costs for communications equipment while improving efficiency.

The signal analyzer function can capture up to 24 seconds (at 100 MHz span) using the large 32-GB memory. Digitized signal data can be analyzed with general EDA tools for efficient R&D into next-generation standards prior to release of new standards. In addition, adding the PCIe/ISB3.0 option for high-speed transfer of large captured data helps with efficient R&D by cutting data transfer times. Key Features For next-generation broadband and multicarrier communication system, such as 5G mobile and broadcast satellites


  • Built-in 5G measurement software supports efficient development and production

  • All-in-one 5G NR/V5G (sub-6 GHz/mmWave) coverage

  • High EVM performance due to wide dynamic range (EVM: <1%)

  • One-button dynamic-range optimization at EVM measurement

  • Multicarrier batch (all-at-once) analysis

  • Amplitude/phase/timing difference measurement for each carrier

  • Maximum analysis bandwidth: 1 GHz

  • Excellent amplitude and phase flatness performance

  • Wide dynamic range measurement: >140 dB

  • Long-term capture using large memory

  • With PCIe/USB3.0 connector equipped
  • Transfers captured data to external PC at faster speed than 1000BASE-T

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