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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Anritsu MP1900A

To cope with increasing data traffic caused by the widespread popularity of smartphones and mobile terminals, data-center network interfaces are being transitioned to the faster 200 and 400 GbE standards, while communications-equipment interconnects are adopting PCI Express Gen4 supporting faster speeds of 16 Gbit/s; multi-channel technologies are also being deployed.

Anritsu’s Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series is a high-performance BERT with 8 slots for modules, such as a 32 Gbit/s Multi-channel PPG/ED, 32G/64G PAM4 PPG, 32G PAM4 ED and Jitter/Noise Generator, to expand measurement applications supporting signal integrity analyses of ever-faster devices. In addition to Physical layer measurement functions for broadband network interfaces, the all-in-one MP1900A supports PCI Express bus, etc., interface measurements.

[Target Applications]

100 GbE/200 GbE/400 GbE, CEI-25G/28G/56G/112G, InfiniBand EDR/HDR, Fibre Channel, PCI Express Gen 1 to 5, Thunderbolt 3, USB3.1 Gen1/2, Optical modules, SERDES, AOC, High-speed Interconnects

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Typical Specifications

Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A

Item Specification
LCD 12.1-inch, WXGA 1280 x 800
Remote Interface GPIB, LAN
Module Slots 8
External Peripheral I/F USB x6, VGA x1, HDMI x1
OS Windows Embedded Standard 7
Power 100V(ac) to 120V(ac)/200V(ac) to 240 V(ac) 50 Hz to60 Hz
Power Consumption 1350 VA max.
Dimensions/Mass 340 (W) x 222.5 (H) x 451 (D) mm/20 kg max. (excluding modules)
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