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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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The FixTreme is a cost effective, high performance thermal test enclosure for your Device Under Test (DUT). Thermal design margins in next generation devices and systems require precise thermal characterization to maximize performance at temperature. The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) value drops by half its value for every 10°C rise in ambient temperature around the DUT.

Available in several design configurations including conventional hood, stackable lid, or clamshell, FixTreme thermal enclosures can be custom sized to fit your requirements. This is an important consideration for applications where thermal stressing is required. This occurs when the dT/dt exceeds 10°C/sec, the enclosure’s thermal mass can severely restrict thermal synchronization between the DUT and enclosure.

Devices with onboard digital thermal sensing and monitoring technology to protect from thermal failure, can easily integrate with a Temptronic™ TPO Series ThermoStream®. Thermal precision of ±0.1°C is achieved through a patented DUT Dual Loop feedback control circuit sampling every 250 ms. The result is a fast and accurate way to control air flow and temperature to the enclosure and your device.

All units are lightweight, portable enclosures ideal for “at temperature” design verification test, burn-in, HALT & HASS pre-compliance, or as an interface to a functional tester. The enclosures are configured to accommodate testing over a wide temperature range. The FixTreme Series provides a moisture and static free thermal test environment isolating the DUT from external interference.

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