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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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NI Emona HELEx

Emona Sustainable Energy Trainer ETT-411

EMONA HELEx Trainer: Solar Cell & Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trainer board for the popular NI ELVIS

Designed specifically for 1st & 2nd Year University and Community College courses

The Emona ‘HELEx’ extends the functionality of your NI ELVIS I and II/+ Workstation and LabVIEW interface with a sustainable energy trainer to teach the fundamentals of solar cells, electrolysis and hydrogen fuel cell theory. With HELEx, students will enter the fascinating world of generating electrical energy from sunlight, storing that energy as hydrogen gas, and then regenerating electricity from hydrogen and oxygen in an electrochemical reaction.


Students are guided through experiments which develop skills of scientific methodology associated with the setting up of equipment, scientific safety and method, taking of measurements, as well as interpreting results and critical response skills.

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