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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Signal Monitoring Solutions

Signal Monitoring Solutions

At Signal Monitoring Solutions (SMS), the focus is to offer you a set of cutting-edge and cost-effective tools to visualize, monitor and Defend Your Spectrum. SMS also offers comprehensive services to help you with your critical RF missions from design and advice to training to locating interfering signals in real-time.

The Most Advanced Technology to Quickly Detect, Locate and Isolate Interference Signals

  • Cut Interference Hunting Time by up to 90%
  • Narrow Band Continuous Background Monitoring on you Channels
  • Wideband Tests Isolates Signals that “Walk” through Your Spectrum
  • Designed to Automatically and Autonomously Monitor First
  • Record and Playback Provides Evidence of RF Intrusions
  • Rapid Detection of RF Spectrum Incursions and Anomalies
  • Rack Mount and Portable, Battery Operated Systems Available
  • Optional TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival) Geo-Location software pinpoints interference locations
  • Monitor Multiple Sites from One Centralized Location

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  1. SYS-CASM-01 CAASM Monitoring System

    Signal Monitoring Solutions SYS-CASM-01 CAASM Monitoring System

    Multi-Channel RF Monitoring System Learn More


  2. SYS-GEOT4-01 CAASM Geo System

    Signal Monitoring Solutions SYS-GEOT4-01 CAASM Geo System

    Multi-Channel Geo-location and RF Monitoring System Learn More


  3. R-DSPC6G-01 CAASM Receiver

    Signal Monitoring Solutions R-DSPC6G-01 CAASM Receiver

    Additional RF Receiver Learn More


  4. P-AL-DSP-01 CAASM Outdoors

    Signal Monitoring Solutions P-AL-DSP-01 CAASM Outdoors

    Outdoor Installation Kit Learn More


  5. S-GEO-U-01L CAASM Geo Upgrade

    Signal Monitoring Solutions S-GEO-U-01L CAASM Geo Upgrade

    Geo-location software upgrade Learn More


  6. C-W10-UP CAASM Cross Platform
  7. L-CONUS-1W On-Site Support
  8. L-SPPT-CNET On-Line Support

    Signal Monitoring Solutions L-SPPT-CNET On-Line Support

    Annual Software Support Learn More


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