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NGE100 Series

The R&S®NGE100 power supply series consists of robust, high-performance, affordable instruments. They offer high efficiency combined with low ripple plus a variety of comfort functions that are not usually found in this class of power supplies.

Key Features:
  • Affordable, quiet and stable instruments
  • For manual and simple computer-controlled operation
  • In applications where speed and accuracy are a low consideration
  • Used in education, on the bench and in system racks

  1. NGE102B

    Rohde & Schwarz NGE102B

    2 channel power supply, 66W, 0-32V, 0-3A Learn More


  2. NGE103B

    Rohde & Schwarz NGE103B

    3 channel power supply, 100W, 0-32V, 0-3A Learn More


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