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Locus USA

LocusUSA is an engineering and software development company located in Melbourne on the Space Coast of Florida. It is a world leader in the area of radio frequency (RF) capture for radio alignment analysis and location. Its DiagnostX™ Over-the-Air (OTA) waveform analyzer identifies, verifies and analyzes the alignment and field performance of all portable/mobile radios in a network 24/7, in real time. This patented technology provides a new proactive, effective and efficient approach to radio maintenance.

LocusUSA is committed to ongoing research in the area of RF capture for radio alignment analysis and location. LocusUSA’s patented technologies are helping to ensure the optimal performance of land mobile radio (LMR) systems throughout North America and abroad.

  1. AFC Meter

    LocusUSA AFC Meter

    AFC Meter Learn More


  2. SX Series

    LocusUSA SX Series

    SX-2500 Series for the Radio Service Provider Learn More


  3. NX Series

    LocusUSA NX Series

    NX-200 Series Remote Receiver Learn More


  4. DX Series

    LocusUSA DX Series

    DX-2002 DiagnostX Over-the-Air (OTA) Radio Analyzer Learn More


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