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Associated Research

Associated Research

Throughout the years Associated Research has been on the leading edge with product innovation and design. This began early on in their history with the introduction of the Vibrotest, the first battery operated Megohmmeter in the United States. Shortly thereafter, they developed the AC Hypot®, our very first Hipot Tester. Hipot testing soon become the strength of the company as they continued to innovate and shape the marketplace.


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  1. ESTOP

    Associated Research ESTOP

    Immediately stop the flow of electric current to your instrument when the E-Stop is triggered. The E-Stop provides the safest and fastest way for a re Learn More


  2. Remote Test Box w/LED Indicators, CE Listed

    Associated Research RTB-02

    Remote Test Box, CE Listed Learn More


  3. Remote Test Box, CE Listed

    Associated Research RTB-01

    Remote Test Box, CE Listed Learn More


  4. Dual Palm Remote Switch

    Associated Research DPR-01

    Dual Palm Remote Switch Learn More


  5. DUT Enclosure (24″w x 19″d x 11.5″h)

    Associated Research 39067

    DUT Enclosure (24"w x 19"d x 11.5"h) Learn More


  6. Remote Trigger Foot Switch

    Associated Research 35822

    Remote Trigger Foot Switch Learn More


  7. Red/Green Signal Tower Light

    Associated Research 39560

    Red/Green Signal Tower Light Learn More


  8. Insulation Mat 20 kV 3x3 ft.

    Associated Research 39539

    Insulation Mat 20 kV (3 x 3 ft.) Learn More


  9. Premium Package

    Associated Research 39565

    Premium Safe Workstation Package. Package includes DUT Enclosure, Warning Sign, and Insulation Mat. Learn More


  10. SC6540-HH-Master

    Associated Research SC6540-HH-Master

    16 HV Channels Learn More


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