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Safety Accessories

  1. Remote Test Box w/LED Indicators, CE Listed

    Associated Research RTB-02

    Remote Test Box, CE Listed Learn More


  2. Remote Test Box, CE Listed

    Associated Research RTB-01

    Remote Test Box, CE Listed Learn More


  3. Dual Palm Remote Switch

    Associated Research DPR-01

    Dual Palm Remote Switch Learn More


  4. DUT Enclosure (24″w x 19″d x 11.5″h)

    Associated Research 39067

    DUT Enclosure (24"w x 19"d x 11.5"h) Learn More


  5. Remote Trigger Foot Switch

    Associated Research 35822

    Remote Trigger Foot Switch Learn More


  6. Red/Green Signal Tower Light

    Associated Research 39560

    Red/Green Signal Tower Light Learn More


  7. Insulation Mat 20 kV 3x3 ft.

    Associated Research 39539

    Insulation Mat 20 kV (3 x 3 ft.) Learn More


  8. Premium Package

    Associated Research 39565

    Premium Safe Workstation Package. Package includes DUT Enclosure, Warning Sign, and Insulation Mat. Learn More


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