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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Associated Power Technologies 105

500 VA Power Converter; Input Voltage 115/230 VAC Selectable

The VariPLUS® is a power converter specifically designed to produce variable output voltages at 50/60 Hz for testing in the production line or laboratory environment. The VariPLUS out performs the traditional variable transformer on multiple levels that include metering, automatic voltage and frequency adjustments to the load. Simple adjustments are made through dedicated keys and a rotary knob. The universal receptacle provides multi-national connections while providing operator protection.

Key Features:

  • Isolated output ensures the power provided to the DUT is free from distortion, voltage spikes and other transients

  • Push-button interface for 50/60 Hz output

  • SmartVOLT® feature allows the operator to configure the instrument to power up at 0 volts or the previously used voltage before the instrument was turned of

  • Metering circuits monitor voltage, current, frequency and power

  • Output/Reset key maximizes operator safety by enabling and disabling the output with a simple push-button

  • Power Up feature configures the output relay for quick and efficient testing

  • Front panel lockout

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