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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Associated Research 620L

Automated Line Leakage Tester with Hipot and Ground Bond interconnection capability

Our LINECHEK® II model 620L provides 7 measuring devices (MD’s) compliant with international certification bodies as well as a convenient switching network to simulate all 8 required fault conditions – everything you need for full Line Leakage test compliance. Utilize the intuitive user interface or control via a PC for more advanced automated applications that require data storage and analysis. The 620L handles up to 40 A of continuous current and can be interfaced to an SC6540 modular scanning matrix for multi-point testing. Interconnect the 620L to an OMNIA® II instrument to form a complete electrical safety compliance testing system.

Key Features:

  • Prompt & Hold - Provides alerts & instructions between tests

  • Remote Safety Interlock - Easily disable HV output

  • Active Link - Continuous power during test steps

  • PLC Remote - Basic PLC relay control

  • Modular Scanner - Compatible with SC6540 scanning matrix

  • Interconnection - Interconnect with OMNIA II to form a complete test system

  • Cal-Alert - Tracks and alerts for calibration

  • Autoware 3 - Advanced Automation Control Software

  • Accredited Cal - Accredited calibration options available

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