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Power Transmission Measurement Using an Amplified Noise Source

Application Note

OTA testing has been gaining momentum with today's 5G and mmWave devices being more and more integrated, but many still believe that a signal generator always has to be used for conducting power measurements on the DUT placed inside an RF test enclosure. However, using an amplified noise source can prove to be a cost-efficient alternative to analyze and quantify devices. The reason for this is because, unlike signal generators, they are not constrained to a limited set of frequencies. Due to their wideband spectrum which more closely mimics real-life cellular signals encoded through orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), they are becoming the choice of many, as their benefits can prove to be invaluable as signal sources.

This application note discusses the results of OTA measurements with the use of an amplified noise source as an alternative to using a signal generator.

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RT-ZPR20 Accurate Power Integrity

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