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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Anritsu MT1000A

1914.3 (RoE) eCPRI Transport Testing

Application Note

Learn the importance of upgrading test equipment to meet new requirements and testing during network I&M to ensure the end-user expected transport network reliability and uptime.

Test equipment requires upgrading to meet new requirements as operators migrate from CPRI/OBSAI MFH networks to the recently standardized 1914.3 (RoE) or eCPRI MFH networks. Along with the MFH reshaping comes the requirement for upgrading MBH; MFH and MBH are commonly called xHaul networks. xHaul upgrades are required to meet high traffic demands, stricter timing requirements, and more stringent latency demands, so modern test equipment must evolve with these requirements.

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Anritsu MT1000A

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