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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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B&K Precision 8514B

B&K Precision expands the 8500B Series programmable DC electronic loads with the addition of the new 8514B. This 2U model is equipped for benchtop or rack-mount applications and is suitable for testing a wide variety of DC power sources, DC-DC converters, batteries, battery chargers, and photovoltaic arrays.

Compared to the 8514, the 8514B has a higher input rating (1500 W vs. 1200 W), and it includes improved features such as a faster transient operation speed up to 10 kHz, an adjustable slew rate in CC mode, and high 16-bit measurement resolution (0.1 mV / 1 mA). Additionally, the completely redesigned front panel contains a bright dual-line display that shows both measured input values and set parameters simultaneously, more convenient menu navigation and value editing keys, and new multi-type input terminals supporting banana jack (up to 10 A) or spade type connections. Extensive protection features improve product reliability and include overtemperature, overvoltage, overcurrent overpower, and reverse polarity protection.

As with all 8500B Series models, the 8514B also features a list mode, a transient mode, an automatic test mode, and a battery test function, valuable test tools for lab or production line applications. Additionally, unique to the 8514B is the dedicated USB and RS232 interfaces which support both the SCPI and backward compatible 8500 series protocol. Operating software for front panel emulation and data logging and battery test software to perform charge/discharge tests are available for download free of charge at www.bkprecision.com.

The 8514B is positioned as a cost-effective alternative for applications that do not require high transit speeds above 10 kHz or special remote interface connectivity.

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