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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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HypotULTRA, 5 kVAC Hipot (500VA @ 100mA) Tester with Continuity, 6 kVDC Hipot Tester and Insulation Resistance Tester

Our new HypotULTRA® models provide all the tools you need to modernize your production line with best-in-class 4-in-1 test capability and a slim 2U design. We’ve added 40A AC Ground Bond test capability to HypotULTRA®’s already impressive feature list for manufacturers that aim to adopt best testing practices without sacrificing productivity. Whether you’re looking to improve traceability with on-board data storage, increase efficiency with our intuitive touch screen interface and direct barcode scanner connection, or automate with a variety of communication interfaces, HypotULTRA® was designed to take your production line to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Smart GFI - Automatic operator shock protection

  • Remote Safety Interlock - Easily disable HV output

  • Data Transfer - Easily import/export test files and data via USB

  • Barcode Capability - Direct barcode connection

  • Multiple Languages - Multi-Language user interface

  • Ground Bond Voltage Drop - Monitor voltage drop vs resistance

  • ProVOLT - Multi-dwell cycles at different voltages for ACW/DCW/IR

  • Internal Multiplexer - Available with optional HV multiplexer (4 or 8 ports)

  • Modular Multiplexer - Compatible with SC6540 multiplexers

  • FailCHEK - Confirms failure detection

  • Prompt & Hold - Provides alerts & instructions between tests

  • Autoware 3 - Advanced Automation Control Software

  • Advanced User Security - Customize ID & password protection

  • Ramp-HI - Reduce ramp time during DC Hipot

  • Charge-LO - Confirms proper DUT connection

  • Accredited Cal - Accredited calibration options available

  • Negative DC Hipot - Reverse polarity DC Hipot (optional)

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