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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Our new Hypot® Series raises the bar for production line Hipot testing. Improve traceability with on-board data storage and easily transfer test result data and test settings via convenient front panel USB. Take the guesswork out of your production line with the direct barcode connection to quickly associate products with pre-programmed test files. We’ve included advanced features like improved security and a touch screen interface that provides custom pop-up prompts displayed before each test step. We’ve dramatically reduced the weight and footprint of the Hypot® Series to make safety compliance a less strenuous ordeal. Quickly interconnect with the HYAMP® Series to form a complete safety compliance system.

AC Hipot
Voltage Output = 0-5000VAC
Leakage Current Limits = 0.00-99.99mA
Output Frequency = 50/60Hz

Ground Continuity
Current = DC 0.1A ± 0.01A, fixed
Resistance Limits = 0.0Ω – 1.50Ω

Key Features:

  • Smart GFI - Automatic operator shock protection

  • Remote Safety Interlock - Easily disable HV output

  • Data Transfer - Easily import/export test files and data via USB

  • Barcode Capability - Direct barcode connection

  • Multiple Languages - Multi-Language user interface

  • PLC Remote - Basic PLC relay control

  • Prompt & Hold - Provides alerts & instructions between tests

  • Advanced User Security - Customize ID & password protection

  • Interconnection - Interconnect with HYAMP to form a complete test system.

  • Ramp-HI - Reduce ramp time during DC Hipot

  • Charge-LO - Confirms proper DUT connection

  • FailCHEK - Confirms failure detection

  • Accredited Cal - Accredited calibration options available

  • My Menu - Customize your own shortcut menu

  • On Board Data Storage - Save up to 1500 Test Results on-board

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