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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Keithley 2606B

The 2606B offers the combined capabilities of a precision power supply, true current source, 6½-digit DMM, arbitrary waveform generator, and pulse generator—all into one tightly-integrated instrument.

The 2606B System SourceMeter Source Measure Unit (SMU) Instrument offers four 20-watt SMU channels in a 1U high form factor chassis.

    Key Benefits:

  • Stackable; no 1U spacing requirements between units

  • Tightly-integrated voltage/current source and measure instruments offer best in class performance with 6½-digit resolution

  • 20 V @ 1 A and 6 V @ 3 A power envelopes, 20 watts

  • 0.015% DCV basic accuracy

  • Up to 28 open drain digital I/O bits

  • Correlated results to the 2602B System SourceMeter SMU Instrument

  • TSP technology embeds complete test programs inside the instrument for best-in-class system-level throughput

  • TSP-Link expansion technology for multi-channel parallel test without a mainframe

  • Front Panel LAN (LXI-C), USB 2.0 TMC488 protocol, and digital I/O interfaces

  • USB host port for storing readings, instrument configurations, and screen images

  • Built-in web browser based software enables remote control through any browser, on any computer from anywhere in the world

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