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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Keithley 2231A-30-3

The Model 2231A-30-3 Triple Channel DC Power Supply can output a total of 195W of power, providing the power levels needed to energize a wide range of circuits and devices for benchtop work. Two channels can supply up to 30V at 3A each; the third channel can provide up to 5V at 3A.


  • Two channels with maximum output of 30V and 3A (90W)

  • One channel with maximum output of 5V and 3A (15W)

  • Max Power: 195W

  • Display shows voltage and current for all 3 channels simultaneously

  • Get three isolated, independent,and adjustable outputs in one instrument

  • Set voltage outputs with 0.06% basic accuracy and current outputs with 0.2% basic accuracy

  • Output DC power with less than 5mVp-p noise

  • Display voltage and current measurements continuously from all three outputs

  • Double output levels by connecting the two 30V channels in series or parallel

  • Store frequently used configurations in any of 30 setup memory locations

  • Turn off any output after a predetermined test time with each channel’s output timer

  • Control the supply from a PC with an optional USB adapter

  • Accessories Supplied: Documentation CD with User Manual, Certificate of Calibration, Power Cord

  • Three-Year Warranty



Channel 1

Channel 2

Channel 3


0-30 V 0-30 V 0-5 V


0-3 V 0-3 V 0-3 V
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